Theatrical Makeup
Special FX
Show Design & Production

Whether you are looking for Makeup Supplies, or Services,

Custom Prop Fabrication, Cosplay Supplies, or just plain Scary Stuff... 

AEO has it ALL!

Since 1996, supporting film/tv/theatre productions locally in Orlando, and beyond!

This is how it works:

Mail us your info - either 'snail mail' or 'email:

Submissions must have cover letter/letter of interest demonstrating you have done some research and why you would be a good fit for AEO Studios. It should also include a summary of your education and experience. One page long, please.

Include list of credits on applicable work. No general employment resumes. We need to gauge where the individual is at in their development as an artist, as it is a determining factor in our decision making.

Please include a comp card, 3-5 work samples or a website where we may view your work. CD/DVD demo reels are perfect.

You may also stop by the studio in person to meet, but Please do not call us asking about your 'submission status.' Thank You.

What we look for:
Versatility/Flexibility/Well-Rounded -- in knowledge, work and personality.
Someone who truly wants to learn and work, and not in it for the 'glory'.
Dedicated, Reliable and Committed.
Detail oriented, but yet flexible and responsive to the demands of the business and operation.
Independent, knows resources, but can take direction and feedback.
Good communication skills -- written, verbal and interpersonal.

Then when it's time, we call those who are interested in an internship AND talk to the potential candidates. Reimbursement may be in the form of resume credit, a stipend or hourly rate.

Working and hanging with us in the shop gives us time to get to know each other, and for us to assess your abilities, knowledge, and talent.

What could you be doing? You would be working in a workshop situation, learning certain aspects of the business -- retail shop, some basic operational procedures that any professional should know, and honing your skills as an artist. In addition, you will be performing the 'grunt/grip/gopher' roles of the operation.

In time, we will start getting you involved in smaller projects. As our relationship progresses, we may invite you to join in on some of our larger, paid jobs and clients as well as work in the shop.

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to exciting new additions to

internships & job opportunities

We are not currently looking for
team members or interns.
However...we do keep a file of those interested,
as our needs change throughout the year.