Theatrical Makeup
Special FX
Show Design & Production

Whether you are looking for Makeup Supplies, or Services,

Custom Prop Fabrication, Cosplay Supplies, or just plain Scary Stuff... 

AEO has it ALL!

Since 1996, supporting film/tv/theatre productions locally in Orlando, and beyond!

haunted attractions
design / Fabrication / Production
Props / makeup design 
consultation / training

Alan O and the AEO Studios Team have long been recognized as Leaders and Pioneers in the Haunted Attraction Entertainment Industry.

In 2013, Alan O earned the distinction of being named

"Hong Kong's Father of Halloween" - for his 13 years of work bringing the Western Holiday and Fright to East Asia.

Alan O was part of the Creative/Design Team of the original year-round Haunted Attraction, Terror on Church Street, for it's 8 year run in Orlando. It was here that the AEO name quickly became synonomous with Quality, Cutting Edge Fright Entertainment.

AEO has Designed, Consulted, or Operated
more than 50 Original Haunted Attractions for
World-ClassTheme Parks and Entertainment Companies
around the globe!!

Whether it is outside consulting of existing projects, design work, or fabrication

and operation of our Incredible Haunts, AEO is your resource at every level.

We have a network team of Professional Haunters for each area of production:
Technical, Artistic, and Operational.
We are happy to provide as much or as little assistance as needed

to help make the
Most Incredibly Scary and Entertaining Haunted Attractions

come to life for our clients!!

Alan O was invited to bring the AEO Team to Hong Kong in 2001 by Ocean Park Theme Park to be a part of the

Largest, and First Halloween Event of it's kind in East Asia,

the OP Halloween Bash. 

AEO began as the Make-Up Design Team, then over the 13 years of working with the Park, Alan and the Team served as

Directors and Designers for every aspect of this

incredibly large and successful event. 

Hong kong horror
terror in orlando